I’m back!!


Wow, did everyone enjoy the end of 2007? I certainly did! We spent the holidays in Maui and it was beautiful, fun and amazing! I know you’re all probably thinking, “I bet she took so many pictures!” … well I didn’t! I did take my full camera bag with me and carried it on the plane (all 35+ pounds) along with 2 kids, their blankets and carry on bags, a stroller, a carseat and my husband with his carryons. Boy, did we take way too much stuff!! We took our little point and shoot camera too and that got more of a work out that my big camera. But, I did take it to the Maui Ocean Center and to the beach to watch my nephew’s surf … oh yeah, and on the whale watching trip but looking through the viewfinder was making me way too motion sick.
Ok, so here are a few of the photos I did take in Maui!
This is one of my nephew’s coming out of the water after riding a wave in. He thinks he looks funny but the girls that check his myspace page think he looks pretty hunky, lol! Teenagers!
Here is another one of my nephew’s waiting for the perfect wave. Check out how beautiful that water is!!
And my 3rd nephew striking a pose at the Maui Ocean Center!
Here’s my daughter wearing her Cinderella costume at the house
Here’s my son wearing his Spiderman costume at the house
Here are Gabe and my niece playing in the pool at the house
Here’s the view from the house we stayed in. This is from the pool deck, our room opened up on to the pool.
Here’s Gabe at the beach
Here’s my niece at the beach
Here’s the 3 little kids at the Maui Ocean Center looking through the glass tunnel at the sharks, rays and fish!
And here’s a Jelly Fish at the Maui Ocean Center
I haven’t even looked at the photos from the whale watching trip, I’m afraid I’ll get sick again, lol!! The whale watching really was amazing! We saw 4 yearling humpbacks. One of them breached in front of the boat (breach means it jumped all the way out of the water). The tour boat people told us that they hadn’t had a whale do that in about 3 weeks! My oldest nephew got it all on video on his camera. I’ll post a video of it when I get a copy of it. It was so cool!! The tour boat people also told us that we had the calmest waters all week …. I don’t think the waters were all that calm because I still got sick, LOL!
We also went on 2 catamaran sailing excursions, 1 to the coral gardens and the other to Molokini Crater. Sailing on the catamaran was probably my favorite part of the trip. On the first sail we had a lot of wind and were sailing at 24 knots. It was so fun!!!
I hope everyone closed out 2007 in a fun and safe way! I have sneak peeks for tomorrow and Wednesday! Have a great day!!!

  1. Rach says:

    So glad you are back. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Debbie says:

    Yeah, you are back! I love your work and look forward to seeing your new posts. I love taking pictures and hope to one day make it my career. What a great job you have.
    Looks like you had fun in Hawaii 🙂

  3. Great pictures. I really love looking pictures of children. They are very innocent and pure. Hoping to have one of my own.


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