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Can you believe that summer is already coming to close? It’s the first day of school, already … I don’t know how that happened so fast but I was not ready to send my kids back to school today (and I don’t think they were totally ready for it either). I have a 6th grader and a 3rd grader this year. Here’s my little cuties before school this morning.

first day of school

We had a great summer filled with activities; gymnastics, golf, driving kids around, boating & waterskiing, parkour, playing with friends, driving kids around, relaxing, playing video games, watching movies, driving kids around, spending time together as a family, oh and did I mention, driving kids around. It was the busiest summer we’ve ever had actually … which is probably why I haven’t updated the blog or website all summer long and why I have a very long list of sessions to feature here and on Facebook. So be prepared for a bunch of updates over the next few weeks as I get out of summertime play mode and back in to work mode. I hope you all had a wonderful summer full of fun and family time. Here’s a little peek at some of our fun summer moments.


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