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Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday! You never know what you’re gonna get on Whimsical Wednesday because I’m random and so is Whimsical Wednedsay … that’s fun to say!

So today’s installment of Whimsical Wednesday is all about The Voice! Did you watch it on NBC last night?? It was great! I have this this like super duper celebrity crush on Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, and I call him my boyfriend. I was going to watch The Voice for no other reason than to look at Adam with googlely eyes for an hour … I was completely entertained and thought the singers were outstanding! Adam was pretty awesome too 🙂 If you didn’t see it, they opened the show with all 4 of the coaches, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green performing Crazy. I totally wanted to scream a giddy little teeny bopper scream when Adam started singing (yes, totally crush). And here it is because I totally have to watch it again. Wow! Talk about a stellar performance from all of them!!
OMG, that part where Adam sticks out his tongue … seriously giddy again! 
Jeff Jenkins is my current favorite … not just because he’s on Adam’s team … I got goosebumps on the first note. He also turned all 4 of the judges around with his rendition of Bless This Broken Road

I also really loved Javier Colon’s performance of Time after Time … he also turned all 4 judges heads! Wonderful!

I have 2 more that I just have to share. I could totally just put them all out here because all the singers were amazing but I’ve got to narrow it down a little. 
My next favorite is Vicci Martinez and her cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep from the 21 album. I loved how they didn’t show her face at all until a judge turned around so the audience was participating too. Love it!

And finally, Xenia … 16 years old … old soul version of Breakeven.  I’m excited to see how she does.

And just in case you need any of these songs because you love them all … you can download any or all of the performances from last night on iTunes.
I can’t wait for next Tuesday at 8 for The Voice!


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