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Boise Child Photographer | The Funniest Session EVER!

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I have to mark this session down in the kinda crazy category. Don’t get me wrong, it was a total blast and will probably go down as one of my favorite sessions ever. Let’s just say that the kids were SO excited to be photographed that it got a little wild. You know how kids are when they’re all wound up … hilarious, silly and crazy. Those 3 words totally describe this session. As I was working on the photos for this session yesterday I stumbled across quite possibly the best outtake ever. Backstory first … the session started out great, all the kids were happy and cooperating. We got some gorgeous images in the tall grasses and then moved down to the river bank. The two older kids wanted to put their feet in the water for a photo. Mom said it was ok so they took off their shoes and waded in, just a little bit. Then the wiggles set in and down goes the little boy … soaked. So the wonderfully relaxed mom says, “Well, you’re already wet, might as well get in all the way.” They do and we get some cute images of them in the water. Then we decide to walk down the path further. The oldest can’t get her boots on all the way because her feet are covered with sand. We find a nice little wooden bench that the soaked middle boy wants to be photographed on. Ok, let’s do that! So I take some of just him and then we put all three kids together. The super silliness immediatly set in and none of them could stay still or look at the camera at the same time. That’s ok … we’ll move on. We get their clothes changed and move on to the next area for the session. Wonderful, finish the session easily and everyone had a great time. Then, I’m editing yesterday and found these 2 photos from that bench where no one would sit still …


Yes, yes … he is licking his brother … and the older sister’s boot is flopped over all weird because she couldn’t do it up. There is just so much wrong with these 2 photos, I mean aside from the face licking … but I LOVE them. I am starting to think I need to create a gallery of outtakes to show that even though a session may not seem perfect or this kids might act a little crazy that you can still get images that look like the session was perfect and your children are sweet, well behaved little angels.

So, after saying that … here is a spotlight of this wonderfully funny session with 3 adorable children!

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