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Why Every Session Needs an Album


Do you remember when it was such a treat to pick up developed film? I remember using a disposable camera as a teen and how fun it was to see what we captured. Then taking all the photos and making a collage on the front of my binder. Those were good times right there! As a Boise photographer I have seen photography come a long way, and we now have a new way to display our images, social media.

And while it is so fun to showcase our images on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. My end goal at every session is the hope that you will print your images. Images to hang on your walls or enjoy in an album. After all they are meant to be seen time and time again! I love that so many of my clients choose custom heirloom albums during their ordering appointment. It makes my Boise photographer heart so happy!

Albums are a great addition to framed prints because they allow you to tell the details of your story. They are tangible memories that can be held in your hand and experienced. Here at Tiffany Hix Photography you can custom design any album of your choosing. From velvet and leather covers to embossing and more. No detail is too small.

Because I know there’s not room on your walls for everything, albums are my favorite product! They allow you to hold onto those silly moments or precious details. I love seeing so many of my families creating an anthology of their memories with custom heirloom albums.

I would love to answer any questions you have about the album creating process!

Photo albums stacked on one another. Photos by Boise photographer Tiffany Hix Photography.
Seamless page spread in family album. Photos by Boise photographer Tiffany Hix Photography.
Custom album cover. Photos by Boise photographer Tiffany Hix Photography.
Custom image laid in album. Photos by Boise photographer Tiffany Hix Photography.
Full page spread in custom album. Photos by Boise photographer Tiffany Hix Photography.
Photo of little girl in album. Photos by Tiffany Hix Photography.
Custom album cover. Photos by Tiffany Hix Photography.

About Tiffany Hix Photography, Boise Family Photographer

Located on the Boise Bench, Tiffany Hix Photography is the solution for busy moms who want beautiful photographs of their family. Because each session with us is a stress-free and fun experience that every family deserves.

For your family pictures in Boise, we meet at one of my carefully scouted locations. Additionally these locations have the tones and textures you’ll find in all my outdoor Boise family session. We often encourage families to laugh, play, and cuddle while I work behind the camera to create beautiful portraits that will become a family heirloom. In conclusion, the end result is candid family photos, more of which can be seen here.

Tiffany Hix Photography specializes in creating artwork of your family for your home. For this reason we ensure that each piece is custom designed and leaves our studio crafted with only the highest quality, conservation-grade materials. Likewise you too can have heirlooms that will look perfect today and for generations to come. As a result, you will love having your family pictures displayed in your home to enjoy every day.

In short, you can send me a quick message  to chat about your ideas and goals for your Eagle family portrait session. So that we can begin planning an evening to make memories for your family!



ABOUT tiffany

I'm a photographer based in Boise, ID that specializes in helping you record your family history through all it's stages. From brand new, to their senior year, and beyond. 

Over the last 18+ years, I've served hundreds of families, played with thousands of kiddos, and told a million punny jokes in order to create magic for families across Boise, Meridian, Eagle and the surrounding Idaho areas. And I'd be honored to do the same for you! After all, I was voted Best Family Photographer in Boise.