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boise newborn & baby photography

the first year

Your baby will change the most during their first year. Celebrate every milestone and begin building your child's legacy.

boise newborn photography

from brand new to their first birthday

Your Boise baby is going to grow, and while you can’t truly keep them little, you can keep those special moments from their childhood close. Your child’s milestones will be artfully preserved in printed portraits and beautiful keepsake albums that are the perfect size to pull out and hold in your lap, long after those babies of yours are too big to be held.

natural, safe posing

The baby led approach to our Boise newborn sessions mean your baby will be safely posed in positions they naturally settle into. We keep our newborn portraits simple, light, and airy. No overdone setups or colors here. We let your baby's sweet perfection be the start of the show.

boise baby photography

the moments pass quickly

I’ve been there, I’ve cherished every moment, I’ve taken the pictures, I’ve paused the moments, and those sweet toddlers still grew up. Having adult children is my reminder that the only thing that truly freezes time are the albums we have created of our child's story!

moments to enjoy

milestones to remember

With 3 or 4 sessions to create your Kindred Collection during your baby's first year, you will start documenting your child's life and building your family's legacy. Common options for milestones are maternity, newborn, pushing up, sitting up, and the big 1st birthday.

don't blink

i wish i could keep them little!

We will document your baby at every major milestone, capturing all those precious changes as your baby grows.

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